About Us

What We Believe

Wallace Advisory Group is built on two fundamental ideas:

  • We believe that clients deserve access to the best solutions available for their unique circumstance, and that only an independent advisor can provide this access.
  • Second, we believe that for highly successful individuals and business owners, a single financial advisor who can provide comprehensive guidance is essential and adds significant value to their and their family’s lives.

The world used to be a lot simpler. Having separate advisors for tax, investments and insurance was perfectly fine, and you were generally able to stay on top of it all. That era is over. The financial world is more complex every day, with as many new opportunities as there are new dangers. Millions of dollars are needlessly lost each year to poor or uncoordinated planning. We make sure those dollars go to improving quality of life, helping out family, or making a difference in the world through a charity or non-profit.

In this new world, who is looking out for you? Who is looking over your financial affairs so that you can sleep easy at night? Large financial institutions have a track record of putting profits before clients’ best interests. Specialty advisors (and many of our clients have existing relationships with very good advisors) by default do not look at the full picture. Successful people often think and talk about a comprehensive financial plan, but it rarely comes to fruition; they don’t have someone they can trust to take the lead and make it happen. Do you?

If you are dissatisfied with the lack of coordination and thoughtful planning in your financial affairs, our process will give you real direction. Unlike CPAs or Investment Brokers or Attorneys, we look at the full scope of your financial affairs, making sure all the pieces fit together. Once we understand your objectives, we build creative, customized plans to accomplish each one. We then coordinate among any and all of your existing advisors, taking full responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of your plan

Current times demand an advisor who will get to know you deeply, who will help you crystallize your goals for your future and your family’s future, and who will put in place a plan to get it done. We are that advisor.

Our Team

Bill Wallace

Bill has 35 years of experience in financial services with a deep expertise in life insurance, estate planning & wealth management. After a long and successful relationship with New York Life, Bill is now the senior client advisor at Wallace Advisory Group

Joe Wallace

Joe graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2011 and has worked side-by-side with Bill ever since. He maintains a Certified Financial Planner designation and is an Investment Adviser Representative of Wallace Advisory Group, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser

Craig Wallace

Craig graduated from Georgetown in 2006 with a degree in Finance and joined forces with Bill & Joe in 2014 as COO and Chief Compliance Officer. Craig has experience as a high school math teacher through Teach For America and as a management consultant. He is currently completing a Masters in Financial Services from The American College