We help people make the most of their money. Starting with your unique goals and objectives, we create and implement plans using customized solutions. You end up with a financial roadmap that brings clarity to your financial life and gives you confidence for the future.

Investment Management

We give you access to some of the best money managers in the industry, directly, and at a lower cost to you than you will find elsewhere in the industry. You can have investment portfolios that were previously reserved for large institutions, at a cost that wasn’t possible even 3 years ago.

The investment industry always has a latest fad, but what never goes out of style is a thoughtfully constructed portfolio, overseen by experts, without all the hidden fees that have plagued investors for decades.  Investors like you are moving their money to independent firms like ours, and we hope you consider doing so as well.

Wealth Management

Making money is one thing, but preserving it throughout your lifetime, let alone across multiple generations, is another thing altogether. We have helped people like you design purposeful plans that take care of your needs and provide for your family for decades after you are gone. Our approach helps you answer questions like:

  • How will my family thrive if something unexpected happens to me?
  • How should I set up my finances so that I keep as much of the money I’ve made as I can?
  • What better ways are there to preserve the wealth I’ve created than what I’m doing now?

Life Insurance

Our firm has a deep expertise in life insurance, and as a member firm of M Financial Group, we have access to the best insurance products in the industry. If you’ve been successful in life, then you are going to want the best life insurance products money can buy to protect what you’ve built and help it last beyond you. That is true financial success, and we can help you secure it for you and your family.

Business Planning

We have significant experience working with business owners to help their businesses flourish and to answer the question: Am I taking full advantage of the business I’ve built?  We help to set up both the business and the owner for future success, utilizing executive benefit planning and putting in place protections against unforeseen circumstances. Our goal is to make sure it’s all coordinated with an owner’s personal planning. We also support owners in successfully passing a business from one generation to the next, facilitating the right conversations and providing the right tools for an optimal transition.

Through our networks, we have access to extensive resources and expertise in the area of Retirement Plan services (e.g. benchmarking analysis, open architecture plan analysis and design, investment due diligence, comprehensive employee communications, employee education strategies, and fiduciary oversight).